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Embedded Software Engineer
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Who am I?

I'm a young software engineer with a preference for low-level Linux and embedded programming. C and C++ are my languages of choice and I have experience in software development for bare-metal environments on Cortex-R and -M as well as Xtensa cores and for GNU/Linux user space.

I have no problem with getting my hands dirty, linker scripts, the GDB and JTAG don't make me shiver. However, I'm familiar with std::any and _Generic, too. Nevertheless, I cannot deny my short professional career, since I'm missing the instinct of those around for a longer time. In exchange I'm eager to learn as much as I can and build the next thing with that knowledge.

Open-Source owns my heart. I run GNU/Linux as my main operating system since my early youth – at first by accident but then by principle – and I really love to see where Open-Source has come in the last years.


- today

Embedded Software Engineer

at edeX UG

At edeX I'm mainly working on low-level Linux userspace applications, making use of standard components like glib, D-Bus, systemd, Gstreamer, and so on. In doing so, I'm focusing on providing performant, maintainable and robust code that can be re-used on a variety of projects. Since we're a small team, I have to be a jack-of-all-trades: DevOps, our website, sales, etc. are part of my work, too.

C++ / C / D-Bus / glib / GNU/Linux / Git


Embedded Software Engineer

at Preh Car Connect GmbH

The tasks of group that I've been a member of ranged from the initial commissioning of new hardware to creating GNU/Linux operating systems from the ground up. Personally, I've designed and programmed applications and APIs for low-level Linux userspace and embedded devices, including but not limited to fields like IPC, HALs and everything time-related. Additionally, I've started up embedded hardware and configured GNU/Linux systems, for example with systemd. Support with debugging and general bug-fixing in foreign code has been a big part of my work, as well.

C++ / C / ASM / Arm / Xtensa / GNU/Linux / Git


Student Assistant

at Technical University Dresden

In the last of my engagements as a student assistant I've been mainly responsible for tools development and the maintenance of the Github repositories at the Centre for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH).

C / Score-P / Vampir / GNU/Linux / Git


Repair Soldier

at Bundeswehr

In my prolonged compulsory military service I've been leading a small team of repair soldiers for armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Ratchet / Wrench / Sledgehammer



Computer Science (Bachelor's Degree)

at Technical University Dresden

Whilst specializing during a Bachelor’s degree is not as deeply possible as it has been in a diploma program, I've taken every chance to learn more about the lower level parts of computer science nevertheless. This included topics like algorithms and data structures, compiler construction, basics of electrical engineering and operating system development. But of course, software architecture and functional programming have been part of my course, as well.


Forestry (Bachelor's Degree)

at Technical University Dresden

Because I initially wanted to make my other hobby – nature – my profession, I've studied forestry. But in the course of my studies I've noticed that it doesn't fulfill me enough to be my lifelong career. Thus it became what it had been before – a hobby.

Hobbies and Projects

My main hobby nowadays is my family, but besides that I regularly try to practice my non-coding hobbies, such as photography, painting, hiking, bicycling, camping, bouldering and geocaching, since I strongly believe that opening ones mind for non-tech things opens up new views for problem solving, as well.

Sadly, this leaves little room for my own projects. Nevertheless, here are some things I'm currently tinkering with:


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